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JPS 2005: Social Life and Social Knowledge

Jeremy Carpendale, Ulrich Müller, & Nancy Budwig, Organizers

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society takes as its organizing theme the interactional contexts and processes of developing social knowledge. Despite broad agreement that social knowledge is rooted in social action, there is considerable controversy regarding the nature of social relationships presumed foundational to developmental change. This controversy invites serious questions about how to conceptualize socialization, internalization, and cultural transmission; how to think about the nature and meaning of language in relation to social knowledge; and how to account for the infant’s capacity to engage in social interaction, and the human capacity to understand beliefs, emotions, and other aspects of mental life.

An invited program of distinguished scholars – including Mark Bickhard, Judy Dunn, Christopher Hallpike, Peter Hobson, and Michael Tomasello – will set the terms of contemporary debate surrounding the theme of social life and social knowledge, explore the limits of current scholarship, and consider prospects for the future.

The jewel in the crown of western Canada will be our special venue for JPS 2005. Set between sea and mountains, Vancouver is considered one of the most beautiful urban centers in the world. We look forward to seeing you there!

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