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33rd Annual Meeting of The Jean Piaget Society

June 5-7, 2003
Holiday Inn Chicago—Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

Organizers: Artin Göncü & Suzanne Gaskins

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General Theme

Play and Development

The theme of the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society is Play and Development. The invited program (organized by Artin Göncü of the University of Illinois at Chicago and Suzanne Gaskins of Northeastern Illinois University) will bring together psychological, cultural, evolutionary, and applied perspectives of play in an effort to provide an holistic understanding of play and its role in human development. Play has traditionally held a position of prominence in most developmental theories. Research from developmental psychology, education, anthropology, and sociology supports the claim that play makes significant contributions to development in a variety of domains, including affect, cognition, interpersonal relations, and language. The aim of the program of plenary talks and invited symposia by eminent scholars is to establish a new agenda for future play research—an agenda which recognizes play as a complex and situated activity and the player as an integral agent. The meeting will include a special feature seminar on Piaget's Play, Dreams, and Imitation facilitated by several leading Piagetian scholars.

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Sumi Gupta Ariely, Sunil Bhatia, Jake Burack, Dominique Colinvaux, Brian Cox, Gustavo Faigenbaum, Michel Ferrari, Jean-Louis Gariepy, Mary Gauvain, Carolyn Hildebrandt, David Kritt, Marc Lewis, Maria Lyra, Ashley Maynard, Maria Moro, David Moshman, Kristin Neff, Andrea Pantoja, Analia Ribiero, Anna Stetsenko, David Uttal, Rivka Witenberg