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This growing group of researchers owes its informal origin to a meeting between Trevor Bond from Australia and Gerald Noelting of Quebec (former collaborator of Inhelder and Piaget) at the annual JPS Symposium held in Montreal in 1992. Noelting and his team had been working with on the analysis of data from a series of Piagetian style tests they had developed--in particular they were trying to find statistical ways of identifying stages in their developmental data. Bond reported on the success he had in applying Item Response Theory--in this case, Rasch analysis--to Piagetian style tests developed by himself in Australia and by Shayer et al.. in England.

As a result of the interest generated at the JPS presentations in 1992, Bond was invited to organise two Rasch analysis workshops in conjunction with future JPS Symposia. The first was conducted by Ben Wright of the University of Chicago (collaborator of Georg Rasch) in Philadelphia in '93; the second, by Trevor Bond and Mark Wilson of UC - Berkeley, at Berkeley, in 1995. These workshops were responsible for adding new members to the research team - in particular, Ulrich Mueller (member of Bill Overton's group at Temple U), Gino Coudé and Jean-Pierre Rousseau (members of Noelting's équipe at U Laval). As the success of the application of Rasch analytical procedures to Piagetian problems was made evident at symposia given by the team at Chicago and Berkeley, they were joined by Bill Gray from the University of Toledo, Theo L. Dawson from the University of California at Berkeley and Betsey Grobecker, Auburn University.

The evolution of the group has been rather interesting: From the start, Trevor Bond has provided the bridging link between the developmentalists on the one hand and the experts in Rasch Analysis on the other. He was introduced to Rasch analysis by Geoff Masters (Australian Council for Educational Research) and Mark Wilson, and more recently, has been working with Ben Wright and Mike Linacre of the University of Chicago. The involvement of Theo Dawson has now strengthened the links with Mark Wilson, while Bill Gray brings with him the collaboration of statistician Christine Fox from the University of Toledo.


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